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What to do after a catastrophic event

Our commercial properties or businesses can be negatively impacted by many events, including natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. As a result of such an event, both the structure of the property and the equipment you use to run it can be destroyed or severely damaged, and that, in… Learn more »


9 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Commercial Properties

The hurricanes that struck our island last year served as a wake-up call to remind us the importance of being prepared to minimize the impact on our businesses’ financial stability. Below, we offer a guide with some ideas you should consider to protect your business’s commercial properties, especially the facilities… Learn more »


Your Key to Delightful Experiences

Imagine that you could take part in special events, take advantage of unique offers, gifts, discounts, and even a free personal concierge at The Mall of San Juan. Plus, you could leave your car with valet parking that is always complementary. Well, you should know that you have a Key… Learn more »