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Who to ask the right questions on your Popular One team

Planning for your family’s financial future requires input from more than one advisor. It takes a team of specialists to lay out the strongest strategy, balance your needs and deliver the trust you need to form a lasting relationship.

Understanding the different roles in your financial team helps you make the most of your valuable time. Here is a list of specific areas and the team members best suited to manage your needs.

Personal Finances: Having a firm grip on your finances, allows you to meet short-term and long-term financial goals and objectives. Whether you are planning on buying a second home, growing your business or purchasing a new car, your Wealth Advisor will manage your banking needs, and facilitate your relationships across Popular.

Investments Management: Designing an investments strategy aligned to your priorities and profile, is one of the services your Financial Consultant provides. He/she helps you navigate the market’s ups and downs, to help you stay the course towards your goals, preventing you from making uninformed emotional decisions.

Financial Planning: Having a financial plan provides us with multiple benefits, including establishing a road map to reach our goals, identifying opportunities and mistakes and preparing for unexpected events, resulting in increased confidence and peace of mind. Your Financial Planner can help you not only on estate planning matters, but also to prepare for other important goals such as dependents’ education, business succession or retirement. He/she equips you with a plan and identifies the adequate solutions in support of your needs. Your Financial Planner works in collaboration with your team of advisors to implement the recommendations and help you achieve desired results.

Risk Management: Have you considered how your family would handle financial needs should you suffer an untimely death or disability? Your Insurance Broker can help you assess existing and potential risks, quantify insurance needs and identify insurance solutions to protect your family’s future.

We firmly believe that developing and maintaining the right financial habits is necessary in reaching your goals. Take full advantage of your team and contact them today!

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The financial plan has a cost and may vary depending on the plan. The suggestions and recommendations included in the financial plan for clients are offered as advice and there is no guarantee of the performance of any insurance or investment product that may be acquired in conformance with these recommendations. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates do not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. If legal, accounting or tax assistance is required, the service of a competent professional should be sought.

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