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Loss due to business interruption

Decorative image of a closed business

When a natural disaster occurs, having business interruption insurance will help you replace the income loss of your business. It also covers operational expenses such as incurred payments for contracted services even if the business is temporarily closed. For business interruption insurance to apply, the business must have suffered physical… Leer más »

3 reasons why you should review your life insurance policy


You’ve purchased a life insurance policy and taken an important step towards your financial security. However, often overlooked is the fact that you must review periodically your policy to ensure it is aligned with your financial goals. Javier A. Rodríguez Torres, Esq. from Popular Risk Services is well acquainted with the issues that could affect you and the preventive care you need, and gave us 3 key reasons we should be aware of that require a review of life insurance policies.

How to protect your business against cyber risks?


As companies have grown more dependent on information technology to carry out everyday business transactions and customer interactions, cyber and privacy liability insurance has emerged as a necessary measure of protection against unauthorized use or access to electronic business data or software.